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Administration Division

The Administration Division serves the Bank by providing general administrative support services. The main functions of the Division are to administer and maintain the Bank's premises including office buildings, yards, as well as the assets therein.

More specifically, the Division:

  • Provides dispatching activities.
  • Manages and supervises contracts for maintenance and upkeep of premises, lease agreements and insurance covers.
  • Maintains inventory registers and controls movement of assets.
  • Administers the access control system.
  • Facilitates communication through the management of telephones and faxes.
  • Manages the ordering and purchasing of office supplies and other goods.
  • Manages the Bank's transport fleet.
  • Undertakes logistical arrangements for official visitors.
  • The Administration Division strives to maintain a safe and secured environment by having effective security arrangements in place to protect stakeholders as well as the Bank's assets.