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Our Mission : To contribute towards the sustainable economic growth and development of Seychelles through prudent monetary policy and maintenance of a sound financial system

Welcome to the official website of the Central Bank of Seychelles

The primary objective of the Bank is to promote domestic price stability. The other objectives of the Bank are -

a) to advise the Government on banking, monetary and financial matters, including the monetary implications of proposed fiscal, credit policies or operations of the Government; and

b) to promote a sound financial system. Read more

The Interest Rate Corridor (IRC) shall be effective as from July 19, 2017 in line with the start of the new Minimum Reserve Requirement (MRR) maintenance period.


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19 Feb 2018

Consolidated Average Rates of Authorized Dealers

(March 19, 2018)
Buying Selling Mid-Rate Daily Change
USD 13.7640 14.0013 13.8827 0.1126
EUR 16.8512 17.1774 17.0143 -0.0305
GBP 19.3284 19.5819 19.4552 0.3305

Interbank Lending Rate for Week Ending 16-Mar-2018  Rate is  3.75 %

Inflation Rate for Feb 2018

Year on Year

12 Month Average

Month on Month




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Average Interest Rates on T-Bills as at 16 March, 2018




3.70 %

4.68 %

5.37 %

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  • Demonetisation Notice

    The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) wishes to advise the general public that with effect from 15th February 2018, the 10, 25 and 50 Rupee banknotes of the previous series will cease to be legal tender and as such will no longer be accepted as a means of payment.

    To access the full version of this notice please click these link.

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  • Procurement Policy

    The Central Bank of Seychelles’ (CBS) procurement activities are guided by its Procurement Policy. To better align these with best international practices and those of Government, in March 2015 the CBS’ Board approved revisions to the Policy. The Policy sets out amongst other things the approved procurement methods, bidding process, bid evaluation, award of contract, complaints handling and terms of contract.

    To access the abridged version of the Procurement Policy please click this link.

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  • Best Evaluated Bidder - Cash Cycle Management and Operations Facility

    Notice is hereby given that on 25th September 2017, the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) has determined that Giesecke & Devrient FZE of Dubai Airport Free Zone, 6WB, Dubai, United Arab Emirates was the best evaluated bidder and has been recommended for award of contract towards the development of a modern cash cycle management and operations facility for the CBS

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