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Welcome to the official website of the Central Bank of Seychelles

The primary objective of the Bank is to promote domestic price stability. The other objectives of the Bank are -

a) to advise the Government on banking, monetary and financial matters, including the monetary

implications of proposed fiscal, credit policies or operations of the Government; and

b) to promote a sound financial system. Read more


  • The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) would like to inform that the 5.5% Five Year Treasury Bond which was launched on March 25, 2014, has been fully subscribed.

    With regards to the 4% Two Year and 4.5% Three Year Treasury Bonds, these are still available.

    CBS would like to thank the general public for their participation and confidence in the bond issues.

    April 03, 2014
  • Information - Pilot Program for Mobile payments
  • Central Bank of Seychelles to administer the issue of Government of Seychelles Treasury Bonds

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  • Information - Pilot Program for Mobile payments
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  • "The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) wishes to advise the public that as from 01st July, 2013 the insurance supervision portfolio has been transferred to the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA). Information pertaining to Insurance Supervision will continue to be featured on the CBS website until further notice." Please contact the Insurance Services Section at SIBA on +248 4380800 and on the following email address; for any queries."

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Annual Report 2013

01 April 2014

CBS Strategic Plan 2014-2018

27 March 2014

Commercial Bank's Applicable Rates on Deposits and Lending

11 April 2014

Consolidated Average Rates of Authorized Dealers

( April 17, 2014 )
Buying Selling Mid-Rate Daily Change
USD 12.0600 12.3241 12.1921 -0.0503
EUR 16.6147 17.0357 16.8252 -0.0215
GBP 19.8139 20.8354 20.3247 0.0421

Interbank Lending Rate for Week Ending 11-Apr-2014  Rate is  2.70 %

Inflation Rate for March 2014

Year on Year

12 Month Average

Month on Month

2.2 %

3.4 %

0.5 %

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Interest Rates on T-Bills as at 17 April, 2014




0.84 %

1.45 %

1.73 %

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